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Attention Adventurous Business Owners!

What one tiny word can skyrocket your business?
( Failure to use it is the number one mistake businesses make! )

Free Report

Dear enterprising business person,

With one simple marketing principle in mind you can...

  • EXPLODE your profits using a proven, scientific method.
  • ELIMINATE advertising guesswork.
  • SAFEGUARD your business. Secure it against hard economic times and tough competition.

At the least possible cost.

We're talking about dynamite here!

Don't blindly pay agencies to design your ads. Don't pay anyone without systems in place to TEST your ad or sales copy.

That's right -- TEST.

This tiny little four letter word, combined with a few other elements, can transform your business into your business dream come true.

BEFORE you shell out all that cash for radio, TV, and other big ticket advertising, you need to thoroughly TEST. Then you KNOW your expensive ads will work because you have tested and proven results. If you insist on using high-end advertising out of the box then you need to be sure to test it also.

Many, if not most, advertising agencies DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THIS!

They want to cheerfully take your money and "play" with it, not holding their work accountable in any way. In some cases it is difficult to measure but in many or most cases it can and should be.

Bad advertising is everywhere you look!

Did you know that sometimes just a very small change in your advertising can increase response rates up to 1200%? Would you be happy to increase your success rate by 10%, 25%, 100%, or more for the same amount of money you are already paying?

At minimum, you need to know...

  • Your cost per lead. How many people responded in some way to your ad. Did they come into your store, call, visit your website?
  • Your conversion rate. How many of those that responded actually bought?
  • Your cost per customer. How much did you spend to acquire each customer?
  • Your ROI "Return On Investment". The profit you made on your advertising.

Testing is a major key to successful marketing and advertising. Test approaches, offers, markets, demographics. You DON'T need expensive marketing studies or focus groups to do this. In fact, it's likely you will "earn while you learn".

So how do you test? One very effective method, if not the most effective method, is to use "Direct Response" "Direct Mail".

"Businesses that are unskilled at direct marketing will have a tough time staying competitive. Many will fail," Michael Masterson entrepreneur of multiple $100+ million dollar businesses.

"Direct response" advertising is advertising (T.V., radio, newspaper, etc.) that causes the prospect to do something. It might be to get an immediate sale, but it could also be to get them to "raise their hand" to show that they are interested for lead generation, get them to come in to the store, visit your website, or whatever.

"Direct mail" is what is commonly known as "Junk mail" but that's because it is misused more times than not. Fact is, used properly...

"Dollar for Dollar, nothing brings in as much money into your store as direct mail." Murray Raphel (direct mail works well for most every business if you go about it correctly)

A huge benefit of "direct mail" is that you can target the customers/clients that you really want (your "Target Market") very closely thereby eliminating much wasted money. For example; someone that sells pet supplies can target only those who have pets and not waste precious time and money on those who do not.

In a nutshell, testing is easy and straightforward...

1. You create and ad that encourages your "target" market to do something i.e. call, come in, etc. This will be your "control".

You run it. Collect the data. Run the numbers to see how it did. Now --providing it is profitable-- you can continue to run it but...

2. You create another ad with a different approach, a different headline, a different offer, or perhaps even use the same ad targeting a different market segment making only small changes at a time.

The goal is to beat your control.

There are a number of other ways to use direct mail as well. You can use it to get new business and you can also use it for present customers in a variety of ways such as special offer mailings, customer relationship programs, etc.

Whether you use direct mail or some other method of advertising or marketing, you need to limit your downside and do small, safe, --measurable!--  tests.

No matter what though...do NOT simply make your advertising up out of your imagination! There are tested and proven elements you MUST use in any kind of advertising. Without those elements in mind you are just wasting your time and money. But that is another subject outside the scope of this report.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg however. There are many ways to use direct mail and marketing in general. Some other things you need to be certain you understand are...

  • Your "USP" Unique Selling Proposition". This how you position your business and is extremely important though it may take time to hammer it out.

  • The elements of a good advertisement or sales letter.

  • How to target your prospects properly, eliminating wasted time and money.

  • You need someone trained in both copywriting and  --"Effective Marketing"--   to get you pointed in the right direction.

    The economy can go bad at any time. The stock market can crash, interest rates can go sky high, recession is rearing its head as we speak, depression is possible! I want to encourage you to GET GOING NOW!

    If economic times stay good -- enjoy! Have fun building the business of your dreams! If not, you will be in a much better position to weather the storms.

    Go about it right and you will able to...

    • Get more of the kind of clients/customers you really want.
    • Generate business on demand. Your own little money machine!.
    • Smooth out and fill in slow times/seasons.
    • Make one marketing dollar do the work of two, ten, a hundred.
    • Increase profits.
    • Give your business a bonus, a financial windfall, without borrowing.
    • Uncover a "Back End" for your business.
    • Position or reposition your business to command higher prices.
    • Discover "Hidden Assets" in your business you didn't know you had.
    And much, much more.

    Do you want your business built on sand? Or would you rather have a solid foundation and sturdy, reinforced walls?

    Free marketing evaluation. Run your present advertising and/or marketing efforts/problems by me and see what we can come up with.

    Your success is my success! I pour through volumes of marketing information continually. Books, ebooks, tapes, CDs, newsletters and have been doing it for years now. Let me put my efforts to work for you!

    Email me with your questions and perhaps, if nothing else, I can give you an idea or two that will help you. Doesn't hurt to explore, it will cost you nothing. It's free.

    I can help you...

    • Create your advertising...
      • Sales letters...
      • Yellow page ads, etc.

    • Help you position or reposition your business for higher profits and to lessen or even eliminate the competition. It's possible that you can "own your market".
    • Help you set up, develop, upgrade your internet presence.
    • Help you track and analyze your advertising/marketing.
    • Help you set up customer retention programs.
    • Help you create customer databases.
    • Other approaches as well, outside the scope of this report.

    • All very affordably!

    You can think of me as your "Personal Trainer" for your marketing. Want a "lean, mean, marketing machine?" "Rock Solid ads?"

    Let's do this!

    To your marketing health!

    Richard Conaway

    P.S. I seek serious business persons who truly want their business "to be all it can be". I want to increase your profits from what you are already doing and uncover new profitable avenues you have never even thought about.

    P.P.S. When you are dancing in the street for joy because of your success, then I have done my job. I can get you up to speed at an incredibly affordable cost. But this is the lowest it will ever be, plus I have only a limited amount of time so can't work for everyone. Don't delay.

    Richard Conaway
    P.O. Box 4578
    Paso Robles CA 93447


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