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What your business MUST know to SURVIVE THE RECESSION (and prepare for the possible DEPRESSION).

Times are tough and getting tougher. Exorbitant fuel costs are driving up the prices of everything. Food, clothing, air fare, it's getting tougher and tougher for the average person to get by. What if war breaks out in the middle east and fuel costs double again?

You already know all this but what are you doing (NOW) to secure your business?

People are slowing their buying and concentrating more on what they need rather than what they want.

What's a business to do?

They MUST learn what I call "Effective Marketing".

--You should be doing this anyway even in good times--

The lack of marketing knowledge with most local businesses is APPALLING and most business owners seem to have no desire to change.

That is GOOD NEWS for the FEW that are willing to exert a little extra effort. Effort that is actually FUN and ENJOYABLE!

THEY are destined to RULE their particular niche or market.

So, what is this "Effective Marketing" anyway?

  • It is the knowledge of a few different marketing approaches.

  • It is the testing of various aspects of marketing.

  • It is adding value to what you already have.

  • It is developing "back end" products and/or services.

  • It is combining approaches...

...until you have hammered out a hardened steel marketing strategy of the highest quality that your competitors cannot touch or even get near (unless they also have worked along similar lines and know the marketing secrets that you know).--

  • It is not necessarily competition by lowering prices. You may be able to actually raise your prices.

  • It is not about destroying your competition, you may be able to make allies of them and perhaps even partner with them legally and ethically.

Speaking of legal and ethical; ethics are part of the very backbone of "Effective Marketing". No tricks, lies, unkindness.

The first task is to begin crafting advertisements that work.

Before you can do that, you must know the elements of an ad, know exactly who your customers are, and it's crucial that you TRACK the results of your ad.

I would be happy to help you get an understanding, an education, of all this. You can track your profits to see how it goes, in fact, I'm "chomping at the bit" to work to make you money!

I am ridiculously affordable. My "stand" is all about "Affordable Marketing" i.e. keeping marketing costs as low as possible, results up, sales up, and maintaining and growing it.

I won't get rich from your business --unless-- I figure out ways to make --YOU RICH-- from your business.

My real pay comes from the results that you can see and measure for yourself.

No hype. No lies. No exorbitant fees. Just hard work testing approaches, sales copy, measuring results, creating strategic alliances, backend sales, joint ventures and the like.

MANY businesses do not know what they're missing.

I do not have time to work with more than a few businesses. I am seeking to partner with forward looking, ethical, businesses of any size or stage of growth.

Don't be concerned about where your business is right now, rather where you want your business to go.

At present I'm looking for Tulare County businesses only. Small medium, large, businesses welcome except you must be adventurous and willing to explore.

Here's the deal...

It's about starting small. As small as possible. We come up with a small mailing or advertising approach and test it. I do the work. You pay the hard costs of postage, advertising and such. You are probably paying for advertising already and now you will be more tightly focused.

Nothing happens without your knowledge and approval.

You pay me out of your profits. I will likely charge a small fee in the beginning for some tasks.

Then the process repeats until your sales and marketing approach is a proven, "multiple pillar," winner.

Call me at (559) 477-4221 (Richard).

If you need help you can find me at www.AffordableMarketing.biz

My goal is to help you make more money by lowering your marketing costs, increasing the results of your present marketing efforts or both, online and offline.

There are many things you could be doing that you may not have ever thought about.

I am also offering FREE "Full Page Color Ads" for Tulare County businesses. No strings attached. www.TulareCountyShopper.com

See you there!

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  • Website Sales Copy.

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  • Database Marketing.

  • Trackable Marketing Systems.

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  • Online shopping cart [install/customize].
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