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How YOUR business can survive the coming economic downturn (and emerge stronger than ever) [Part 3].

Competition, worsening economy, recession, possible depression looming. How are you going to grow your business, or even just survive the difficult times ahead?

If you've read the last two reports you have some idea how to go about positioning your business and how to write a basic ad that talks to your prospective client/customer from THEIR perspective not yours. If you haven't read them they are available Here.

Two really good, classic, books on the subject of writing ads are "How To Write A Good Advertisement" by Victor O. Schwab and "Tested Advertising Methods" by John Caples.

This brings us to a couple areas of extreme importance. Sit up and pay attention here -- this is what really makes the difference, this is where "The Rubber Meets the Road".

The first is "Targeting Your Market"

You can dramatically cut your marketing costs and DRASTICALLY increase your sales by using this aspect of marketing properly.

It's about finding ways to identify those who would benefit, want, need, appreciate, and can afford your product or service.

First: You really need to be keeping tabs on your existing customers. You need to collect their names, addresses, purchases, at minimum.

Businesses in droves fail to do this.

You do not do this out of crass commercialism, but because you care about your clients and customers and want to give them more of what they want and need. This way you can identify your best, most loyal clients so that none of them fall through the cracks.

Take a few minutes now to figure out about how long a customer gives you their business, their hard-earned money. Multiply that by about how much they spend with you each visit, month, year or however often it is they purchase. That number is called the marginal net worth of your customer or their lifetime value.

It can really add up quickly.

These people are the lifeblood of your business. You need to know who they are and treat them appropriately.

"First things first."

That's a start. Enough for today.

If you need help you can find me at www.AffordableMarketing.biz

My goal is to help you make more money by lowering your marketing costs, increasing the results of your present marketing efforts or both, online and offline.

There are many things you could be doing that you may not have ever thought about.

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See you there!


Keep your marketing costs down, properly target your market and DRASTICALLY increase the results of your marketing. Create multiple streams of "Effective Marketing" and more.

In most cases results are trackable so you know how well they are working and how much money you are making from them.

Your success is --literally-- my success.

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