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How YOUR business can survive the coming economic downturn (and emerge stronger than ever) [Part 2].

Last time, we talked briefly about how to find the benefits your business has in it for your customer and how to translate a benefit into a headline. You can find it Here

This time a bit about how to actually craft an ad or sales letter. Keep in mind that this is only a brief overview and there is much more involved. I will try to bring out the most important points.

Once you are very clear on who your customer is, and why they buy from you or would want to buy from you (the BENEFITS that you can truly help them with, the problems you can help them solve) and you have condensed it into a headline then it is time for the rest of the ad.

In your mind, imagine a customer, a typical customer that you know needs and would value your product or service. Now write your ad to them personally as if they were sitting in front of you.

Keep your focus upon them and what you can do for them. Not just cut the grass but provide fresh, clean, pleasing, results -- guaranteed.

That's a start for you. Enough for today.

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My goal is to help you make more money by lowering your marketing costs, increasing the results of your present marketing efforts or both, online and offline.

There are many things you could be doing that you may not have ever thought about.

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Keep your marketing costs down, properly target your market and DRASTICALLY increase the results of your marketing. Create multiple streams of "Effective Marketing" and more.

In most cases results are trackable so you know how well they are working and how much money you are making from them.

Your success is --literally-- my success.

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